Only consumed chicken nuggets for years

Only consumed chicken nuggets for years

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It doesn't get any healthier: just check nuggets every day!

Chicken nuggets are loved by most children. If they could choose it, they would probably only feed on it for a while. 21-year-old Ryan Howarth did just that - for 17 years.

It sounds incredible: since he was four years old, the young man has been eating chicken nuggets and chips only. He just stubbornly refused to eat anything else - whatever you offered him. The reason for this is the so-called ARFID syndrome. It is a selective eating disorder, which means that those affected eat only one or very few dishes and are disgusted with all other foods.

The amazing thing about this case is the extremely good condition of the young Brit. Despite his absolutely unhealthy diet, he has a normal figure. He owes that to regular training and vitamin supplements. However, the increased risk of stroke and heart attack could not be contained. Therefore, he finally decided to take therapy against the rare food fear.

This was immediately successful and allowed Ryan to try various other foods. Some of them even taste really good. His fear of new culinary experiences is getting weaker by these positive experiences.

This new balance is noticeably good for his body. While he was often tired and lacking in energy before the changeover, he now sprays with energy and verve. His mother is very enthusiastic about the transformation of her son - but of course, above all, relieved about his improved health. (fs)

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