Stomach reductions are used more and more for obesity

Stomach reductions are used more and more for obesity

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Smaller stomach, greater quality of life: More and more stomach surgeries: IKK Südwest is checking sustainability

The operation is just the beginning: simply reducing the size of your stomach by surgery is not enough to permanently reduce weight. A postoperative dietary change is imperative in order to live healthier and better lives. The IKK Südwest has determined that the OR is being used more and more frequently. Motivated by the question of sustainability and the long-term effect, the patients who had already been operated on were asked how they are doing today and what effect the operation had.

The number of operations for gastric reduction surgery at the IKK Südwest has doubled within four years. * In the course of a survey among those insured with IKK who have already undergone such an operation, it has been found that the vast majority use this operation as an opportunity for one Change of diet and thus as an opportunity for a new lifestyle. Three quarters of the respondents are female, most between 30 and 39 years old. Almost 90% of these post-operated patients stated that they paid much more attention to their diet and overall a healthier diet than before the procedure. The majority of respondents have kept their weight stable for more than a year after the operation (86%).

Almost all patients (96%) would do the operation again and are closer than ever to their goals associated with the procedure, such as “weight loss / better general condition” or “healing an existing illness”.

On the basis of these results, the IKK Südwest sees its approach to so-called “bariatric surgery” confirmed. "We handle applications for gastric surgery very carefully and first check whether the non-operative options have been exhausted and whether all the conditions for an intervention have been met," says IKK-Südwest board member Roland Engehausen, "we know that in surgery can be a good solution in some cases ”.

“Bariatric surgery” is the medical term, in everyday usage it is simply called “gastric surgery”. This refers to interventions that are intended to facilitate a reduction in body weight in obesity patients: because by reducing the size of the stomach or partially removing the small intestine, the patient can absorb less food and thus lose weight. These operations vastly expand the range of surgical treatment options for those who are heavily overweight and can make everyday life considerably easier for those affected.

* Stomach gastric surgery: from 27 in 2012 to 54 in 2016. Increase in gastric bypass surgery by 50% (from 26 in 2012 to 39 in 2016). Source: IKK Südwest, own evaluation

"The improved quality of life of our insured persons after gastric surgery is largely due to the fact that we talk intensively with our insured persons about the consequences and the change in diet before the approval of such a hard surgical intervention," emphasizes Monika Theobald, Team Leader Hospital Case Management at IKK Südwest . Because it is de facto like this: What the insured person has not previously been able to achieve with his own motivation and nutritional advice is now being forced through the operation: "A change in diet is imperative, and some vitamins and trace elements must also be substituted because of the shortened digestive tract not everything can be absorbed from the food anymore, "explains Monika Theobald," that is hard work, the insured have to adjust to this ".

In principle, however, the IKK Südwest is important to take action in the context of prevention: “Our goal remains that we support our insured at an early stage so that such operations can be avoided. The long-term risks should not be underestimated, ”says Monika Theobald.

Survey by the IKK Südwest on the sustainability of ORs for gastric reduction

The survey was carried out by email in the form of an anonymous query within three months. 330 patients were contacted (140 gastric bypass and 190 gastric gastric surgeries). The response rate was 52%.

Requirements for applying for bariatric surgery

Insured persons have to prove that - without final success - they have taken part in a six to twelve-month multimodal concept with nutritional therapy, exercise therapy and psychotherapy as behavioral therapy. After that, an application for the assumption of costs and examination can be made by the medical service of the health insurance (MDK). You can obtain information on the further process from the relevant specialist department and from the personal customer advisor. (pm)

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