New study: Irish heather honey is said to be even better than Manuka

New study: Irish heather honey is said to be even better than Manuka

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Why is Irish heather honey so healthy?

For some years now it has been heard repeatedly that certain foods are real superfoods. Researchers have now found that so-called Irish Heather honey also contains a particularly large number of health-promoting compounds. So is this honey from Ireland also superfood?

The researchers at Dublin City University (DCU) and Trinity College Dublin found that Irish Heather Honey contains a lot of compounds that are extremely beneficial to human health. This makes honey a kind of superfood. The researchers have published their results in the journal "Food Chemistry".

Irish heather honey healthier than manuka honey?

Manuka honey has been considered a superfood for several years, although some experts disagreed. The question remained controversial: is Manuka honey an exaggerated hype or is it healing? Now it seems like you can forget Manuka honey, because the new superfood honey comes from Ireland and is called Irish Heather Honey.

Irish Heather Honey's investigation lasted two years

A team of Irish scientists has been researching for two years to find out if the special honey from Ireland is particularly beneficial for health. They found that it is actually extremely rich in protective antioxidants.

Irish Heather honey is cheaper than Manuka honey

The relatively inexpensive honey from Ireland could be the new liquid gold than the expensive Manuka honey was previously touted. Irish heather honey has a similar amount of antioxidants (known as phenolic compounds) to the much more expensive Manuka variety, the researchers explain. A jar of Irish Heather honey can be purchased for around € 15. For comparison, the premium Manuka honey costs between € 70 and € 90, the authors report.

What do antioxidants do?

Antioxidants can help protect against cell damage and even seem to help prevent cancer, heart disease, and even dementia. Irish heather honey contains many of the healthy antioxidants. In addition, the honey has antibacterial properties that help with skin regeneration, cough, colds and stomach ulcers. In addition, there are anti-inflammatory properties that can help control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, the doctors explain.

What influences the quality of the honey?

Irish heather honey comes from nectar, which bees collect from a small purple bell-shaped flower. The honey is particularly healthy, if a variety of plants and flowers can be found near the beehives, the experts explain. Whether the honey comes from a rural or an urban environment has a major impact on the quality of the honey. The significant difference in honey composition between urban and rural beehives probably reflects the difference in the availability of flowers in urban and rural areas in Ireland, Professor Jane Stout of Trinity College Dublin said in a press release.

Is darker honey healthier?

Dark colored honey typically has a higher antioxidant rate. But so-called ivy honey, for which bees collect nectar from the flowering ivy plant, was the darkest Irish honey that was analyzed during the investigation, and yet this honey contained less of the healthy antioxidants than the Heather honey and Manuka honey. Research focused on honey produced in Ireland, the bulk of the 131 samples came from small private producers in Ireland. The research shows that Irish honey is a high quality product and something that we should really appreciate, Dr. Blánaid White from Dublin City University. (as)

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