Green tea prevents the development of type 2 diabetes

Green tea prevents the development of type 2 diabetes

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Can tea protect against the development of type 2 diabetes?

The risk of type 2 diabetes can be reduced through a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise. It is also possible to avoid the onset of the disease by having a special drink as part of your daily breakfast - green tea!

Diabetes is a common disease that affects millions of people worldwide. If you want to prevent high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes, it's a good idea to drink green tea in the morning for breakfast.

First symptoms of type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is caused by the fact that the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. Common symptoms of diabetes include, for example, unexplained weight loss and poor wound healing and frequent urination. However, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes can be reduced by drinking green tea.

Green tea improves insulin sensitivity

It has been known for years that green tea is very healthy. Apparently, consumption can also prevent type 2 diabetes because it helps to improve insulin sensitivity, experts from explain. Green tea can also lower the risk of heart disease. This is critical because diabetics are more at risk of developing heart disease. These health benefits of tea are not found in herbal teas.

Other positive effects of green tea

Green tea can also be used to fight obesity and memory problems. Some time ago, scientists at the Northwest A&F University in China found in their study published in the English-language journal "FASEB Journal" that green tea protects against obesity and memory loss. In addition, green tea can protect against heart attacks and strokes, scientists from the University of Lancaster and the University of Leeds found in a joint study. The doctors published the results of this in the English-language journal "Journal of Biological Chemistry".

What causes type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin resistance, which occurs when people stop being sensitive to insulin. Being insensitive to insulin means that the pancreas has to produce more and more insulin, which over time can destroy the insulin-producing cells. Several studies have shown that tea improves insulin sensitivity as long as you don't add milk.

Black tea can also help prevent type 2 diabetes

Black and green tea can help maintain healthy blood pressure, and consumption can even lower the risk of certain types of cancer, experts say. In people who have not yet been diagnosed with diabetes, drinking tea can also help prevent high blood sugar levels from developing. This also applies to black tea. About three to five cups of black tea a day counteract the development of type 2 diabetes, the doctors explain. But be careful when buying black tea, some brands contain pesticides. Some black tea is contaminated with carcinogenic substances.

These signs indicate type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a lifelong disease that significantly affects daily life. Patients may need to change their diet, take medication, or have regular checkups. Many people can have diabetes without even knowing about their condition because the symptoms are sometimes difficult to recognize. If you often feel very tired, often have an almost unquenchable thirst, or have blurred vision, these could be warning signs of type 2 diabetes. Talk to your doctor if you experience similar symptoms in yourself or if you think you may be at increased risk of the disease. (as)

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