Clinical germs discovered! Recall of mouthwash due to dangerous bacteria

Clinical germs discovered! Recall of mouthwash due to dangerous bacteria

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Dealer recalls mouthwash because of hospital germ

Jean Products-WERM GmbH from Karsbach in Bavaria has started a recall for a batch of “Elina med Anti-Plaque Mouthwash Fresh”. A dangerous bacterium was detected in the product, which is distributed nationwide.

The number of germs is too high

Jean Products-WERM GmbH from Karsbach (Bavaria) is recalling the article “Elina med Anti-Plaque Mouthwash Fresh” 500ml with batch number 710001. "The number of microorganisms / germs is too high," the company wrote in a message. According to a report by the internet portal "", the product was sold to various wholesalers, online retailers and retailers nationwide.

Dangerous bacteria

According to "", the company announced that the product was found to contain Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It is a widespread wound infection germ.

According to the information, there is an increased risk especially due to lesions in the skin and mucous membrane due to the bacterium, which shows multiple resistance to antibiotics.

With around ten percent of all hospital infections, the pathogen is one of the most common hospital germs in Germany.

The spectrum of diseases caused by these bacteria is extensive. The most common appearance is pneumonia in cystic fibrosis, which is particularly severe in immunosuppressed and AIDS patients.

Urinary tract infections, enterocolitis, meningitis, otitis externa ("swimmer’s ear") or infections caused by burns can also be triggered.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Pseudomonas aeruginosa is one of the twelve bacteria most at risk for human health. (ad)

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