Nutrition Report 2019: A healthier diet is the goal for many

Nutrition Report 2019: A healthier diet is the goal for many

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This is how the German population wants to eat in 2019

In 2019, people in Germany want to eat healthier and pay more attention to the ingredients of their purchased food. More and more consumers are eating more consciously. This trend emerges from the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture's Food Report 2019 and is also putting pressure on the food industries, especially the sugar industry.

"Consumers want differentiated information and orientation," explains Julia Klöckner, the Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), when presenting the 2019 Food Report. The German population is increasingly paying attention to healthy food that must taste good. The Federal Ministry report provides important information on trends and developments in nutrition every year.

Consumers want less sugar, trans fats and salt

"It is important for 71 percent that finished products contain less sugar, 68 percent want less unhealthy trans fats and 38 percent less salt," Federal Minister Klöckner summarizes the most important findings. Nevertheless, the taste comes first. Even though the report said nine out of ten people thought healthy eating was important, 99 percent of respondents said that taste was the most important.

Low calorie sugar

As the survey shows, however, only seven percent want the sugar reduction mentioned to be achieved through sugar substitutes such as artificial sweeteners. According to Klöckner, the solution could be a new sugar variant. The BMEL is currently funding the development of a low-calorie sugar that can be obtained from sugar beet using a special process.

Sugar industry under pressure

The Wirtschaftsvereinigung Zucker e.V. (WVZ) responded to the report and admitted that general changes in diet are needed. "Consumers expect that where sugar is reduced in food, the calories will have to go down significantly," said Günter Tissen, Managing Director of the WVZ in a press release on the report. However, this is currently not the case. That is why the Federal Ministry is right to focus on reducing energy supply. Because in the fight against obesity and obesity, it is primarily the number of calories that counts.

New animal welfare indicator

As the report shows, another major concern of the population is the improvement of animal husbandry. “The nutrition report also supports our plan to introduce a state animal welfare label that goes beyond a purely husbandry label,” emphasizes Klöckner. 81 percent of those questioned spoke in favor of an official seal that ensures that farm animals are kept better than is legally required.

Healthy nutrition as a primary school subject?

The report also shows that more and more people are eating outside the home. This puts the food on offer in canteens and schools in the spotlight. According to Klöckner, schools in particular should serve as role models. Her ministry, together with the German Nutrition Society, is committed to teaching the basics of healthy nutrition in primary school.

An overview of the key findings

The complete nutrition report 2019 can be viewed free of charge on the BMEL website. Here is a brief overview of the key findings from the 2019 Nutrition Report:

  • 99 percent want food to taste first and foremost.
  • 91 percent of consumers want to eat healthy.
  • More than half of those surveyed pay attention to the sugar and fat content when shopping.
  • 81 percent of those surveyed want a state label for animal welfare.
  • 84 percent of respondents want to reduce food waste.
  • 36 percent pay attention to calories in their diet.
  • For 32 percent of the respondents, the price is the most important.


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