Parents should feed babies with these two foods to protect them from allergies

Parents should feed babies with these two foods to protect them from allergies

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How can parents avoid food allergies in their children?

We live in a world where food allergies are on the rise. Many people develop allergies to certain foods as early as childhood. Doctors recommend parents to feed children in the first year of life with two specific foods to prevent the possible development of allergies.

In their current research, the Australasia Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy found that parents can reduce their children's chances of developing food allergies if they give them two foods early on. The experts published the results of their study in the English-language medical journal of Australia.

Less food allergies from eggs and peanuts?

The researchers advise parents that they should include eggs and peanuts in their babies' diet after the first four months of life. If children consume these foods until they are 12 months old, this leads to improved protection against allergies. Parents should give their babies eggs and peanuts for consumption twice a week, study author Dr. Preeti Joshi from the Australasia Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy. The expert adds that there is evidence that babies who consume peanuts regularly have a reduced risk of peanut allergies later in life. Similarly, egg consumption appears to affect food allergy to eggs.

Information from the Internet can unsettle parents

If, for example, parents are unsure whether they should give their child peanuts, they can consult a doctor beforehand to ensure they are adequately covered. An allergy to peanuts is a common food allergy in children, experts say. There is a lot of information on the subject of food allergies on the Internet, which can make parents very unsettled. It is therefore normal for some parents to doubt whether they can really offer their children certain foods to eat. In such cases, a conversation with an expert helps. (as)

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