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Muscles, ligaments and tendons

Muscles, ligaments and tendons

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The cooperation of muscles, tendons and ligaments make our rigid skeleton a supporting and musculoskeletal system. Each muscle is connected to the corresponding bones to be moved via tendons. The individual bones are in turn connected by joints that are protected, stabilized and moved by ligaments.

The contraction of a muscle creates a force that is transmitted to the bones via the tendons and thus triggers the corresponding movement. The ligaments ensure that the joints are stable and can only move within a certain radius. They are only slightly elastic and can quickly overstretch or even tear when overloaded.

Tendons consist of very stable collagen fibers and must be able to withstand high tensile forces. In some parts of the body they are additionally protected by a tendon sheath. This fluid-filled sheath reduces the strong friction between the tendon and bone. Painful tendinitis that can become chronic if left untreated can be caused by one-sided or excessive stress. (vb)

Muscles, ligaments & tendons

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