First drug for complete cancer healing successful in first tests?

First drug for complete cancer healing successful in first tests?

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Cancer-free after just a few weeks of treatment?

Cancer unfortunately costs more and more people's lives. All over the world, doctors are intensively looking for ways to prevent cancer, improve existing therapies or, at best, bring about a complete cure for the disease. Israeli scientists are now claiming that they have developed a cancer cure that could be completed in a year and can fully cure the disease in just a few weeks.

The experts from Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. Now announced that they could offer a cancer cure in the future that could cure the disease in just a few weeks, reports The Jerusalem Post. The treatment is said to have no or minimal side effects and to be available at a significantly lower cost than most other treatments available on the market.

Treatment takes only a few weeks

The new cancer treatment is effective from day one, lasts only a few weeks and has no or minimal side effects. The proposed solution will be both generic and personal, the researchers told the newspaper.

When will multi-target toxin be available for humans?

While scientists may really have evidence that their medicine could be completed in just a year, it is likely that patients will have to wait up to a decade before treatment is actually available. It must be confirmed beforehand that the therapy is safe and effective. The drug is called MuTaTo (multi-target toxin). It works like an antibiotic against cancer, the developers say.

Why Are Many Cancer Treatments Unsuccessful?

In their research, the experts wanted to find out why other cancer drugs and treatments do not work or stop working at some point. Then they set about finding a solution to these problems. Most anti-cancer drugs target only a specific target or in the cancer cell, the researchers explain. You fail because the goal mutates. Cancer cells begin to divide and spread to avoid successful treatment. So the original medication that attacked this target eventually becomes unusable and the therapy no longer works.

Drug attacks three targets at the same time

MuTaTo is not affected by mutations because the treatment attacks three targets at the same time. Not even cancer can mutate three receptors at the same time, the scientists claim. Treatment could differentiate between healthy and non-healthy, diseased cells. This will reduce the unpleasant side effects that occur with most current treatments such as chemotherapy.

So far, there has only been success in experiments with mice

So far, the researchers' claims have only been based on experiments on mice. The next step would be to prove in the laboratory that the treatment works on human cancer models, the experts explain. If there is evidence that the drug is effective in such a laboratory trial, scientists would have to guide it through Phase I, II, and III clinical trials to determine whether it is really safe and effective in humans. Unfortunately, it can take ten to 15 years or more for all three phases of the clinical trial to complete before licensing.

MuTaTo will enable highly personalized treatment

Factors including the type of cancer, the type of treatment, and the duration of treatment can all affect the duration of medication use. One day, MuTaTo will provide cancer patients with a highly personalized treatment, biopsies could be sent for testing purposes, so doctors can determine the exact dose each patient needs to cure his or her illness, the doctors say.

Patients remain disease-free even after treatment

At best, the treatment can only take a few weeks to heal. Patients remain disease-free after completing treatment, the researchers claim. But the experts had to admit that they are just starting clinical trials, which may take years to complete. Although the testimony of the doctors is quite exciting, there still seems to be a long way to go before there is any prospect of curing cancer. (as)

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