Beer on wine, wine on beer - does the order make a difference?

Beer on wine, wine on beer - does the order make a difference?

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Does the order of different drinks affect the hangover?

Many people adhere to the old rule when consuming alcohol: beer on wine, leave it alone - wine on beer, I advise you. However, the order in which people consume alcoholic beverages, according to a recent study, has no influence on the severity of the hangover that follows.

The scientists at the University of Witten / Herdecke found in their current study that there is no ideal order for the consumption of different types of alcohol, which can reduce the hangover that follows. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition".

Look out for these warning signs when consuming alcohol

In order to test the theory of whether it makes a difference for a later hangover, in which order different alcoholic drinks are consumed, the researchers gave drinks to 90 students in different orders and changed the order one week later in another attempt. The study found that feeling how drunk people were and whether they were vomiting were the best indicators for the next day. People should pay attention to these warning signs when drinking alcohol to reduce the likelihood of developing a hangover, the experts advise.

Dyes and flavors can increase the hangover

Most people have their own ideas about what prevents a hangover and how it can be made bearable. But surprisingly, there is little information about what exactly causes hangovers after drinking alcohol, and so far there is no really efficient and reliable antidote, the scientists explain. It is believed that the causes of a hangover include dehydration, our immune system, and metabolic and hormonal disorders. Dyes and flavors in drinks consumed can also make the hangover worse, which can lead to drinks with the same concentration of alcohol causing a bigger hangover.

How was the experiment set up?

For the study, the 90 students between the ages of 19 and 40 were divided into three groups by the University of Witten / Herdecke in Germany. The first group drank around two and a half liters of beer, followed by four large glasses of white wine. The second group drank the same amounts of alcohol, but in reverse order. The third group acted as a control group and either drank only wine or only beer. A week later, the subjects in the first two groups changed, while the participants in the control group switched to the alcoholic beverage that had not yet been consumed. Subjects were asked to assess how drunk they were at the end of each study day and were under medical supervision overnight. The change in the order of consumption of the drinks had no significant difference on the following hangover, this emerged from the answers in the questionnaires.

Women tend to get a bigger hangover

It was not possible to predict the intensity of the hangover based on factors such as age, body weight, drinking habits and the frequency with which people normally get a hangover. However, there was a gender difference, with women tending to have a slightly stronger hangover than men, the doctors say. The only reliable way to predict how bad people will feel the next day after drinking alcohol is how drunk people feel during and immediately after drinking and whether they are sick, explains study author Jöran Köchling from the university Witten / Herdecke. In the event that you should also suffer from a hangover, here is a list of which home remedies help with a hangover. (as)

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