Smoking also increases the risk of fatal skin cancer

Smoking also increases the risk of fatal skin cancer

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Skin cancer worse chance of survival from smoking?

How does smoking affect the likelihood of survival in skin cancer? Physicians have now found that 40 percent more skin cancer deaths occur among smokers than non-smokers.

The University of Leeds scientists found in their current study that smoking increases the likelihood of dying from the effects of skin cancer. The experts published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Cancer Research".

More than 700 subjects with skin cancer were examined

More than 700 melanoma patients were examined for the current study. The results suggest that smoking can affect the immune response to melanoma and disease survival. This should give smoking people another plausible reason to finally quit smoking, especially for those who have been diagnosed with malignant melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

Smokers died 40 percent more often

The researchers found that smokers died 40 percent more of the disease compared to people who did not smoke within ten years of being diagnosed. In a subset of 156 patients who had the most genetic indicators of immune cells, smokers survived cancer four and a half times less than people who had never smoked before. Given that reduced survival for smokers was found in the group with the most indicators of immune cells, the researchers believe that smoking could directly influence the behavior of smokers with melanoma cancer cells.

How does smoking affect the immune system?

The investigation found a connection between smoking and the chance of survival of a patient with melanoma. However, it could not be determined with certainty whether and how smoking affects survival. Some scientists believe that smoking has harmful effects on the immune system, but it is not yet known which chemicals are responsible for this effect.

The immune response is less effective in smokers

The immune system is like an orchestra with several pieces. This research suggests that smoking could interfere with the interaction, so that the game is played in an unorganized manner, the experts explain. This seems to result in smokers still being able to build an immune response to destroy melanoma, but the process appears to be less effective than non-smokers, the doctors suspect. Because of this, smokers can less likely survive cancer compared to non-smokers. Researchers believe that smoking may have affected patients' immune systems. This may have resulted in reduced skin cancer resistance and increased risk of other smoking related health problems. The results are yet another reason to quit smoking. People with an increased risk of skin cancer should avoid smoking tobacco. (as)

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