Spain: Red card for unsustainable promises of salvation

Spain: Red card for unsustainable promises of salvation

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"The Spanish rule of law shows a clear edge against quacks that sell harmful substances as miracle cures," writes Hella Camargo in the Humanist press service. The prosecutor is now following two advertisers and sellers of “Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS)”. The drug has been banned in Spain since 2010, and the Ministry of Health filed a complaint in October 2018.

What is the "miracle mineral" made of?

The "Miracle Mineral Supplement" consists of sodium chlorite (NaCLO2). We know it with added water and acid as chlorine dioxide and use it for bleaching and disinfecting. It is as healthy as Domestos.

What does the consumption of MMS lead to?

The consumer advice center describes probable consequences if we consume MMS: nausea, diarrhea and vomiting are the "more harmless", in addition there are kidney failure, severe bowel damage and a drop in blood pressure.

Federal agency warns of miracle cure MMS, Spain prohibits it

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment advises against taking, according to Camargo; the Spanish Agency for Medicines, on the other hand, banned the product on May 14, 2010, claiming that it was life-threatening - kidney failure and severe damage to the intestines could lead to death.

The poison salesmen continued

The MMS seller was initially bothered by the ban. Josep Pàmies and Andreas Klacker continued to advertise the poison and sold it as a medicine. The sellers claimed it cured AIDS, cancer, diabetes, autism, and arthritis, Camargo said. This is reminiscent of medicine in the Middle Ages, when chemical effects were often unknown.

Poisoner convicted

Josep Pàmies was fined € 600,000 and € 120,000 in 2018, respectively, after spreading sodium chlorite as a remedy for autism, Ebola, and malaria.

Another indictment

In October 2018, Minister Maria Luisa Carcedo, a doctor, filed a complaint against the advertising and trading of bleach under the name MMS. The NGO “Comité para la Promoción y Apoyo la Mujer Autista” had previously given 136,000 signatures to the ministry.

Solidarity with autistic people

It is an NGO that sees itself as a spokeswoman for the rights of autistic women and opposes the fact that autistic people are abused with dangerous means or misinformation about the phenomenon is circulating. For example, opponents of vaccination claim that vaccinations cause autism.

Comprehensive evidence

The Guardia Civil and a specialized department against cyber crime had found numerous evidence on websites and blogs that Pámies advertises and sells MMS. They sent the evidence to the public prosecutors in Lleida, where the person labeled lives, to Madrid, Castellón (where Kalcker lives) and Sanata Cruz de Tenerife.

The accused responds defiantly

Pámies snapped that Carcedo had to prove in court that MMS was bleach. However, chemical detection is likely to be easy.

Germany: paradise for dangerous fraud with "drugs"?

Camargo writes that medical myths in Germany bring huge profits: “While in Germany the application of bleach, lemon or baking soda as a remedy for cancer, dangerous cures against alleged parasites, as well as ineffective globules and Schüssler salts with anecdotal evidence and outrageous explanations to alleged Mechanisms of action that are hardly sanctioned and sometimes even paid for by health insurers, Spain is already further in protecting its inhabitants. ”(Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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