Experts are amazed: this Danish patient really grew a tooth in the nose

Tooth growth from the nose

A 59-year-old Dane suffered from a stuffy nose. But then it turned out: he had a tooth in his nose.

Strange mass in the nasal cavity

The science magazine "The MMJ" writes. A Dane suffered from milky discharge from a nostril, his sense of smell was restricted and his nose bent. But it was not a sinus infection: doctors discovered a mass in the nasal cavity and thought it was a tumor or a cyst. It was only after many examinations that it emerged: a tooth grew in the nose. This was pulled to him.

Extremely rare phenomenon

0.1 percent to a maximum of one percent is the probability that a tooth will grow into a nostril. Between 1959 and 2008, only 23 cases were known globally.

Operation successful

The doctors pulled the tooth. The man was in the hospital for ten days, taking antibiotics and getting a nasal irrigation with saline. He is well three weeks after the operation.

Lifetime nasal tooth

The man probably had the intranasal tooth for the longest time in his life. The symptoms only appeared after many years.

Symptom nosebleed

The American Journal of Case Reports reported a similar case in 2014. At the time, a young man from Saudi Arabia also had a tooth in his nasal cavity. He had gone to the doctor because he often suffered from nosebleeds.

Other teeth perfectly

The ear, nose and throat doctor consulted a dentist, who said the tooth had to be extracted. As with the Dane now, this succeeded without any problems. The young Arab's teeth were otherwise impeccable.

Additional teeth

Surplus teeth are not too rare in humans and also in other animals. Up to three percent of all Germans have additional teeth. The technical term is hyperdontia. However, most of the additional teeth grow in the mouth.

232 teeth

Most people with excess teeth grow a maximum of three of them. If there is no space for more than the normal 32 teeth, surgery is required. The record was with a young Indian. He came to the dentist because his cheek was swollen. The dentists then found 232 additional teeth in the jawbone.

Where does the excess tooth come from?

Excess teeth, like other bizarre diseases, has not been fully researched. Some scientists suspect that as the tooth rack grows, tooth germs can split and then too many teeth grow. This would already happen in the fetus. Other researchers suspect a gene mutation.

Deformed teeth

Too many teeth usually cause the dentition to deform because the teeth have too little space. Ingrown teeth then lead to other denture damage. For example, children with cleft lip and palate often have surplus teeth.

Nosebleeds can indicate a serious illness

A tooth in the nose caused the young Arab to have repeated nosebleeds. Nosebleeds can be caused locally by foreign bodies. With regular nosebleeds, you should definitely clarify the cause with a doctor, even if it is very unlikely that a nasal tooth will affect you. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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