Diet researchers: how beneficial is chewing gum for weight loss?

Diet researchers: how beneficial is chewing gum for weight loss?

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Study examined the impact of chewing gum on our weight

Can chewing gum help with a diet? Many believe that chewing gum can curb cravings and pretend that the body is chewing something like digestion. That very assumption turned out to be a myth. Two studies showed that chewing gum cannot help you lose weight and is even counterproductive.

Two scientific studies showed that while chewing gum reduces the total number of meals a day, the intake of total calories remains almost the same.

Chewing gums even have a tangible negative effect: "Chewing gums reduce the consumption of fruit," said the University of Buffalo researchers in the science magazine "Eating Behaviors".

The researchers conducted a review study to investigate the short and long effects of chewing gum. During the study, 44 male and female subjects chewed gum with different flavors in the laboratory. A second group took meals as a review group without chewing gum beforehand.

Calorie intake always stayed the same

The total calorie intake remained the same in all subjects compared to meals without previous chewing gum. It also turned out "that the flavors had no effect on eating high-calorie foods". The result showed that mini-chewing gum significantly reduced the amount of fruit consumed. "It could be that the mint strengthens bitter ingredients or that sweeter tastes weaker," says the research team.

In a second study, a total of 54 subjects chewed gum twice a week before each meal. The study participants were able to choose between two types of chewing gum. The size of the meal didn't matter. The first variety contained guarana and green tea extracts. The second type of chewing gum looked the same purely optically, but contained no significant ingredients. However, both types of chewing gum were without sugar and mixed with spearmint flavor and sugar substitutes. It also turned out that "the total calorie intake was not reduced, but the fruit consumption decreased for most participants".
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Less fruit was eaten when chewing gum

For comparison, all participants took two chewing gum-free weeks, each between the chewing gum weeks. It was striking, however, that the participants took fewer snacks during the chewing gum weeks, but made up for the loss of calories during the main meals. So it turned out that the calorie intake was about the same as in the gum-free weeks. “The participants lost weight in no test week. Chewing gum is very likely unsuitable for a diet. ”In addition, chewing gum was also found to have a negative impact on healthy eating. The subjects ate less fruit overall. Both studies are published in the Eating Behaviors. (sb)

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