Can Green Tea Help You Lose Weight and Prevent Obesity?

Can Green Tea Help You Lose Weight and Prevent Obesity?

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Green tea prevents obesity in mice

For centuries, people have been drinking green tea, either because of its taste or because of the hoped-for health benefits. Because green tea has many different positive health effects on the body, researchers are now investigating how green tea consumption affects obesity and weight loss.

In their latest research, Ohio State University scientists found that green tea supports weight loss in obesity. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry".

Positive effects of green tea

Recent research projects have already uncovered an interesting mix of potential health benefits from green tea consumption. These include protecting sensitive teeth, alleviating the symptoms of Alzheimer's, fighting off bacteria, and even preventing heart attacks. Earlier studies had also suggested that green tea can also be an important factor in obesity reduction due to its anti-inflammatory effects on gut health.

Previous studies have shown conflicting results

The latest fascinating observations come from nutritionists from Ohio State University (OHU). They examined how green tea can reduce obesity in mice. "The results of studies dealing with obesity management have so far been mixed," study author Richard Bruno from Ohio State University said in a press release. Some studies seem to have found that green tea supports weight loss, but no other effect has been observed in other studies, probably due to the complexity of the diet in relation to a number of lifestyle factors.

How was the study structured?

The current study was conducted over a period of eight weeks in a group of male mice. Half of the animals received a high-fat diet to induce obesity, and the other half ate a normal, healthy diet. In both groups, half of the animals were mixed with green tea extract. This addition made up about ten percent of their total diet. In a human, this would be the amount we consume with ten cups of green tea a day. The study did not include female mice because they are resistant to diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance. For their investigation, the scientists measured body weight, adipose tissue, insulin resistance, inflammation in the intestine and adipose tissue, the composition of the intestinal microbes and how the intestinal bacteria and their derivatives move into the bloodstream so that they promote inflammation.

Benefits of taking green tea

This allowed physicians to elaborate a number of useful observations, most notably that the fat mice, whose diets were supplemented with green tea, gained 20 percent less weight than the animals without supplements. These mice also showed lower insulin resistance, a risk factor in the onset of diabetes. The animals fed green tea also showed healthier accumulations of microbes in the intestine and less inflammation in the adipose tissue and intestine. They were also less prone to leaky gut syndrome, in which the wall of the small intestine is damaged and toxic substances leak into the bloodstream.
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More research is needed

"The study provides evidence that green tea promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria, and this leads to a number of benefits that significantly reduce the risk of obesity," study author Bruno reports. Although the results are promising, it is still unclear how green tea affects weight gain in humans. Even if tea makes weight loss easier, there is still the question of whether it is better to take supplements or drink tea normally as the body metabolizes its antioxidants. It could be better to eat green tea with food throughout the day, as was the case with the mice, the doctors say. A follow-up study on people should now clarify open questions. In particular, it should be examined whether and how reliably green tea can prevent a permeable intestine. However, future studies should definitely clarify how the consumption of green tea can avert obesity, the scientists emphasize. (as)

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