Danger to life: Salad recall campaign at Marktkauf & EDEKA due to unmarked allergens

Danger to life: Salad recall campaign at Marktkauf & EDEKA due to unmarked allergens

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Regional product recall at EDEKA and market purchase

The supermarket chain EDEKA is currently warning its customers of possible health risks that could result from a salad offered. The affected item was partially given the wrong label, which means that the ingredients it contains are incorrect. This can be particularly dangerous for people with a food allergy.

It is the ready-made salad "EDEKA deli Caesar Snack Salad" from the manufacturer GARTENFRISCH Jung GmbH. The affected item was offered in a 280 gram pack and has a best before date March 23, 2019.

Wrong label on Caesar salad from EDEKA

As Edeka reports, there may be a wrong label on the Caesar salad that says "Salad and vegetable mix with radishes, seeds and herb dressing". Allergens such as skimmed milk yogurt, hard cheese, egg yolk, anchovy paste, milk, lysozyme (from egg) and wheat flour are not included as ingredients. People who are allergic to these substances should under no circumstances consume the salad.

Salad can be eaten by non-allergy sufferers

Apart from the wrong award, according to EDEKA, everything is OK with the salad. "The product is of perfect quality and can be safely consumed by non-allergy sufferers", the company wrote in a customer information on the company's website. The incorrectly declared goods had already been taken out of sale. Customers who have bought the item in question can return it to their shops and get the purchase price back without presenting the receipt.

Item was offered in several states

According to EDEKA Zentrale AG & Co. KG, the Caesar salad was offered by both EDEKA and Marktkauf. All branches in the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Hesse, Thuringia, Saxony and in parts of Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony are affected. (vb)

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