The 5 best tricks for a tight cleavage

The 5 best tricks for a tight cleavage

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These tricks are suitable for a tight cleavage

Temperatures are rising, spring is here. In winter we also say goodbye to our turtleneck sweaters. Finally we can show skin again without shivering. That means: In addition to the wardrobe, the beauty routine also wants to be made fit for spring. Pedicure for the feet, hair removal for the legs - that's for sure. But what is too often neglected: the cleavage. We reveal the 5 best care tricks for a firm breast. The best thing: If you follow our advice, you have literally done the décolleté care, almost in your sleep.

1. Special care

Sure, the right care is the be-all and end-all. Because the sensitive skin on the cleavage is particularly thin and therefore needs special care because it dries out quickly. In order to replenish the moisture depots, one active ingredient is essential: hyaluronic acid. The miracle drug is particularly effective in combination with medical silicone. Special silicone pads are simply glued on and develop their effect overnight. While the silicone pad is in contact with the first layer of skin, the combination of active ingredients can be optimally absorbed and transported into the deeper layers of the skin. This is how collagen production gets going and we awaken after the first application with a visibly firmer result. Sounds like a dream? With the Hyaluron Pads from Apricot beauty & healthcare it comes true. Effective wrinkle reduction has been officially confirmed in clinical studies. You can easily order the Apricot Pads online. An Apricot Beauty pad can be used up to 30 times.

2. Sun protection

Even if we take good care of them overnight, the skin on the décolleté remains extremely sensitive and also requires special attention during the day. Because the main cause of nasty wrinkles and pigment spots are aggressive sun rays. At least a sun protection factor of 30, better still 50 is mandatory to prevent aging. For a delicate tan, prefer to use self-tanners. In dresses with a low neckline, carefully placed bronze powder with shimmer particles highlights the breasts.

3. The correct sleeping position

Do you prefer to sleep on your back and have a flat pillow? Wonderful, not only your spine is happy about it, you also do a great favor to your cleavage. If, on the other hand, you are a stomach sleeper, you should better reconsider your favorite position. Because the pressure that the body weight exerts on the breasts can cause lasting damage to the tissue. Caution also applies to side sleepers: an elevated lying position can favor unsightly wrinkles. Better to ban pillows number two, three and four out of bed and take care of hyaluronic pads such as those from Apricot beauty & healthcare to Heia.

4. Targeted workout

Alone in sleep it doesn't work with the dream figure, so we have to put up with it for better or worse. If you - or rather woman - strengthen the large and small chest muscles with regular training, the chest is lifted and tightened. The good news: You are probably already shaping your chest muscles without realizing it. Because every workout that strengthens the arm muscles also speaks to the chest. Pushups and chest presses are particularly effective exercises at home. Those who prefer to do sports are best to do breaststroke swimming or work out kickboxing - but never forget the sports bra. Jerky bumps and jumps weaken the sensitive breast tissue.

5. The right bra

The following applies not only to sports bras: keep your eyes open when buying clothes! The bra has to fit perfectly. If it is too small, the breast tissue is constricted and overstretched by the incorrectly placed temples or cups that are too small. If you wear a bra that is too large for a long time, the breast will not be supported enough and will lose its firmness. Particular caution is required with the - in the truest sense of the word - promising push-up bras. Often the breasts are pressed together so intensely by cushions, pillows etc. that there are unsightly wrinkles. So rather, if at all, only cheat on a large scale for special occasions.

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