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Psychology work: Do women like to masturbate as constantly as men?

Psychology work: Do women like to masturbate as constantly as men?

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Study examined gender-specific masturbation behavior

It is widely believed that men in particular have a more pronounced tendency towards self-pacification, but this seems to be a misjudgment, according to a new study. Most women also like to masturbate regularly, reports the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences on the results of current research.

The subject of masturbation is still a taboo subject for many and only a few people speak openly about their inclinations here. So far, it was assumed that men, in particular, also live out their sexuality in this way, but the study by psychology graduate Neele Neunaber from the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences makes it clear that women also like to masturbate.

Masturbation a taboo subject?

The empirical study by Neele Neunaber was dedicated to the subject of masturbation, taking into account the gender-specific differences. It is already known from previous studies that women “do not feel socially considered or even feel taboo on the subject,” reports Neunaber. For example, female sexuality was always tied to male sexuality and satisfaction, and female masturbation played practically no role.

136 volunteers interviewed

In the study entitled “Warning! They are coming. An empirical study of the construct masturbation, taking gender into account ”, Neunaber investigated, among other things, the questions of whether women today are still not interested in self-pacification, whether this need changes as a student and whether there are gender differences. A total of 136 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 26 were interviewed using a specially designed online questionnaire, with 100 participants being female.

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Masturbation for women "positive"

"The mere fact that 100 out of 136 subjects in the study were female testifies to the interest of women in masturbation," emphasizes Fresenius University in a press release. In addition, the survey showed that masturbation is positive for women, that they masturbate regularly and “on average always have an orgasm after masturbation”. The women know their bodies very well, says Neunaber. During the masturbation, the women use “fantasies about their own partners” as well as pornography, the researcher continues.

What is the motivation behind it?

Women (48 percent) and men (39 percent) most often cited “direct sexual satisfaction” as the motivation for self-pacification. Masturbation is also used by 30 percent of men and women as a “relaxation aid”, for example at night before falling asleep. Basically, 67 percent of women and 61 percent of men prefer to masturbate “in the evening”, followed by “in the middle of the day” and “at night”, according to the survey. Furthermore, the bed and a lying position are favored by both genders.

Independence from male sexuality

According to Neele Neunaber, her survey clearly shows "that women and men have similar needs and that the sexuality of women in the area of ​​masturbation is independent of the male sexuality." However, given the small sample size, the study is not representative and none can be derive generally valid statements. Further research with more participants (including more men) on gender-specific masturbation behavior and the underlying motivation is required here. (fp)

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