Recall: coli bacteria in soft cheese - gastrointestinal disease and kidney disease threaten

Recall: coli bacteria in soft cheese - gastrointestinal disease and kidney disease threaten

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Contaminated with disease-causing coli bacteria: recall for soft cheeses

The French company Lincet has started a recall for soft cheeses from the brands "Tradition Emotion", "Cremier" and "Tradition", as this could be contaminated with health-endangering coli bacteria. It is strongly advised not to consume the product, as this can result in febrile gastrointestinal disorders and, in the worst case, severe kidney problems.

Health-endangering coli bacteria

The French company Lincet is recalling soft cheeses from the "Tradition Emotion", "Cremier" and "Tradition" brands because of possible contamination with coli bacteria. The recall affects products with a pack size of 250 grams with the best-before dates of May 18, May 20, and May 23, 2019, and with a size of 500 grams with the best-before date of May 16 (identification number: FR10399001CE). The batch number of self-service and counter goods is 227078.

Do not consume affected products

The bacteria (Escherichia coli) stx1 and eae that may be contained in the cheese can lead to sometimes febrile gastrointestinal disorders, possibly with bleeding, within a few days (2-7) after eating contaminated products, it says in a message that the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety has published on its portal "".

"Severe kidney complications, especially in children, are possible," the manufacturer writes.

And: "Consumers who have bought this product are asked not to eat it and to bring it back to the shop."

People who have consumed the product affected by the recall and who suffer from the symptoms described are asked to consult a doctor and advise them about the consumption of the product.

Various cheese recalls

Again and again, harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli cause product warnings.

The Berlin-based food company "Francia Mozzarella GmbH", for example, only called back sheep's cheese a few days ago because of dangerous coli bacteria.

And shortly before, a recall for French soft cheese due to EHEC bacteria had been announced. (ad)

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