Widespread distrust of conventional medicine - only 23 percent fully trust

Widespread distrust of conventional medicine - only 23 percent fully trust

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Survey: Only 23 percent of Germans trust conventional medicine

Only 23 percent still fully trust conventional medicine, but the Germans rely on tried and tested home remedies. This is shown by the STADA Health Report 2019 on the future of health. For the study, 18,000 people in nine European countries were asked about their attitudes and wishes.

Only 23% of Germans trust classical medicine completely, 39% trust it on the whole. Women and the age group of 35 to 49 year olds are particularly suspicious. In a country comparison, only Russia, Poland and Serbia have even less confidence in conventional medicine. Trend researcher Sven Gábor Jánszky assumes that this trend will continue: “This is due to the megatrend of individualization. Conventional medicine still often follows the principle of 'one fits all'. But people know how different and individual they and their bodies are. The feeling that there is only one standard medication for a diagnosis then no longer fits into this emotional state. "

The best remedies are home remedies

Then what do the Germans trust? On themselves. If there are signs of illness, 49% use home remedies such as chicken broth or hot water bottle, by far the highest value in all nine countries surveyed. On average, only 27% use home remedies first, and in Italy only 14%. 11% go to the doctor first in Germany, and one percent more goes first to the pharmacy for advice. This means that doctors and pharmacies are beating the Internet; only eight percent are the first to look for a solution. The Spaniards have the greatest confidence in doctors and pharmacies: 38% of them go to the Doc first when symptoms of illness appear, 20% go to the pharmacy for advice.

Overall, it can be seen that Germany prefers to trust its own experience and is more skeptical about both technical and medical progress than the rest of Europe. You can find the STADA health report here.

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