Risk of injury for children: The Federal Office warns of 28 child seats

Public warning: certain child seats can be dangerous for children

The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) warns against the use of certain child seats from the manufacturer JIANGSU BEST BABY CARSEAT. The use of the seats represents a safety risk and could lead to an increased risk of injury to the secured child in the event of an accident.

Safety for accompanying children

When driving a car, safety for children must be a top priority: a child seat is essential and is mandatory for the little ones anyway. However, as researchers reported, such seats can sometimes lead to severe breathing difficulties in children. And it is better not to use some products at all, as they pose a safety risk for the youngsters.

Public warning has been corrected

The German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) warned last year about the use of child seats by the manufacturer JIANGSU BEST BABY CARSEAT, types LB-363 and BBC-Q5.

The authority has now corrected the public warning.

According to a release, the seats were sold worldwide under the following factory and brand names:

ABC products INC, babyhit, BABYWAY, BANINNI, bebesit, Bestbaby, CA, CAPSULA, CAUSALPLAY, Chelino, COSATTO, GlobalLUCKYBABY, Happy Baby, Britton, Kiddo, Leader Kids, Lenox, LITTLE CAR, LORELLI, Lorelli (Saturn), mybaby, OSANN, Parusok, PLAY, PLAYXTREM, RANT, SAFEWAY, 4BABY.

According to the KBA, the child seats do not meet the requirements of ECE-R44.

Seats should no longer be used

The affected child seats can be identified by the above-mentioned designation and the sticker with the ECE approval mark.

According to the information, the mentioned child seats have been sold worldwide under different brand names since 2014 (type LB-363) and 2017 (BBC-Q5).

“It cannot be ruled out that the seats were also imported into Germany. That is why this warning is being published, ”says the KBA.

“The use of these child seats is a safety risk and could lead to an increased risk of injury to the secured child in the event of an accident. Owners of these child seats are asked not to continue using them, ”the office writes.

Almost 500 child seats tested

If you are looking for safe child seats, you can use the test results from the Stiftung Warentest, which have been published recently, as a guide.

The experts took a closer look at almost 500 child seats.

According to the testers, most of them provide good protection in the event of an accident. However, two products are not recommended.

The exact test results can be downloaded for a fee from the Stiftung Warentest website. (ad)

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  • Press release No. 14/2019 - Correction of public warning No. 26/2018 - child seat of the manufacturer JIANGSU BEST BABY CARSEAT, type LB-363 and BBC-Q5
  • Press Release No. 26/2018 - Public warning - child seat made by JIANGSU BEST BABY CARSEAT, type LB-363 and BBC-Q5

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