Despite the heat wave: this is how you sleep well on these hot summer nights

Sleep despite the night heat: These expert tips can help

The thermometer is expected to rise to almost 40 degrees this week in some places. If the temperatures are extremely tiring during the day, they do not lead to restful sleep at night. But something can be done about it. Experts have some tips on how to sleep well even in the night heat.

Heat makes us sleep poorly

Summer started with an enormous heat wave. The extremely high temperatures not only ensure hot days, but sometimes the thermometer does not drop below 20 degrees at night. It will be even warmer in most apartments. But the ideal temperatures for a restful sleep are significantly lower. So if you can't spend the night on the balcony or in the garden, for example in a hammock, you should at least try to keep the bedroom as cool as possible. Experts have some tips on this.

Keep the bedroom cool

As the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) writes on their website, too warm a climate in the bedroom is usually the result of too long sun exposure during the day.

Therefore the first rule is: Sun and warm air should stay outside if possible. One way to do this is to ventilate the bedroom early in the morning with cool morning air and leave the windows closed for the rest of the day.

Shutters and blinds should be lowered.

Once the sun's rays have found their way through the window into the room, the classic greenhouse effect occurs - the heat radiation does not come out of the room through the glass. The result: it heats up.

But if you live in the attic, you should leave a window slightly open so that hot air can escape.

If you can change the sleeping space within the apartment: Rooms on the north side are usually cooler.

Prevent drafts

If it cools down to more comfortable temperatures at night, a window can be opened. But be careful: Prevent drafts that can cause, for example, a stiff neck or a cold (or "summer flu").

These health problems also threaten when the fan is running and especially when sleeping naked.

Ideal temperature for restful sleep

According to TK, the ideal temperature in the bedroom is between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius and around 40 to 50 percent humidity.

The experts have a simple tip:

To improve the indoor climate, you can hang a wet sheet in front of the window, for example. Several containers filled with water also humidify the air.

According to other experts, turning a hot water bottle into a cold water bottle by filling it with water and putting it in the fridge a few hours before bedtime can also help on warm summer nights.

Better take a warm shower

Before going to bed, the body can be showered briefly - preferably with a little warmer water, even if one would intuitively prefer a cooling.

Because only the warm water opens the pores of the body because it automatically tries to cool. In this way, the pent-up heat of the day finds its way out of the body.

You don't necessarily have to dry yourself, it is enough to dab yourself roughly with the towel - because nobody should go to bed soaking wet.

More tips for a good night's sleep

In general, all other tips that are important for a healthy sleep also apply in summer:

  • Don't eat too late and too heavy.
  • Alcohol should not be drunk or should only be drunk a little. And if possible no stimulating drinks like coffee or tea.
  • The stress of everyday life should not be taken to bed.
  • A short walk can often work wonders.
  • Reading the most exciting books is not recommended. A somewhat boring story can get you to sleep faster. (ad)

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