Study: Do men sweat more or less than women?

Study: Do men sweat more or less than women?

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Does gender affect the amount of sweat released?

You have probably heard the claim that men generally sweat more than women. But is this statement based on facts that can be proven perfectly? Researchers tried to answer this question in a current study.

When examining the University of Wollongong (UOW) in Australia, it was found that the amount of sweat emitted does not depend on gender, rather the height of a person plays an important role. The results were published in the English-language journal "Experimental Physiology".

The size makes the difference

The results of the study show that the amount of sweat released by the body does not depend on the gender of the person. Women and men can produce the same amount of sweat. Rather, there is a connection between the amount of sweat emitted and the height of the person concerned. The fact is that taller people generally seem to sweat more than smaller people. Gender does not really matter, the researchers report.

What measures does the body take to cool it down?

The human body uses two different ways to cool down. This happens either through sweating or by increasing the blood circulation on the surface of the skin. The study found that the body of small people is more likely to cool down due to the above-mentioned increased blood circulation on the skin surface. Larger people, on the other hand, tend to start sweating to initiate cooling.

Heat is released through our skin

People give off heat through their skin surface. The difference between tall and small people is that small people have more surface area per kilogram of body mass compared to taller people. They are able to cool down better through increased blood circulation, which means that the skin releases the heat.

60 people took part in the study

A total of 60 participants were examined for the study; these consisted of 36 men and 24 women, all of whom had roughly the same fitness level and had a similar state of health. However, there were big differences in the size of the participants.

How did the study work?

For the examination, the participants had to stay in a warm room so that their bodies warmed up to a certain temperature. Then the blood flow on the skin surface and the production of sweat were measured. It turned out that smaller people gave off their body's heat primarily through the skin. For larger participants, this was done more by sweating. It made little difference whether the participants were women or men. According to the authors, only about five percent of the differences in heat emission were due to gender. (as)

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