Vocal cord inflammation - causes, symptoms and effective home remedies

Vocal cord inflammation - causes, symptoms and effective home remedies

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Vocal cord inflammation - causes, therapy and symptoms

They fear especially singers and teachers and other people: vocal cord inflammation. Often starting with hoarseness, the feeling of a lump in the throat or a pulling on the neck, it can lead to loss of voice (aphonia). If the symptoms last longer and / or fever and shortness of breath appear at the same time, a doctor should therefore be urgently consulted. The most important thing is to protect the voice, but not to whisper. Proven home remedies such as inhaling and gargling with herbal tea can help alleviate the symptoms and help the inflammation to subside more quickly.


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Symptoms of vocal cord inflammation

Most people complain of hoarseness (dysphonia) and a scratchy throat or the feeling of a lump in the throat. There is often a need to clear the throat and the feeling that speaking is extremely exhausting. There may be a pulling and pain as well as a feeling of swelling, which is often described as a "thick neck". The complaints occur especially when there is movement or speech stress. Because it is an inflammation, fever is possible.


Viruses or bacteria are generally considered as triggers, and allergic reactions or smoking can also be considered as triggers. Overuse of the vocal cords is often the reason for the complaints. This occurs increasingly in people who work a lot with their voice professionally, such as singers, teachers, educators or employees in call centers. However, people who do not work in jobs like this may also be affected, e.g. as a result of permanently wrong speaking.

In osteopathy and body therapy after Rolfing, factors are therefore sought that could be responsible for the improper use of the voice. This includes, for example, constant neck and neck tension, which can be caused by a lot of bending forward, such as computer work.

Another possible cause is old inflammation or surgical scars, for example after an operation due to an overactive thyroid. Because these can create a changed tension and stress situation in the neck area. This also includes the jaw and the temporomandibular joint with its muscles and connective tissue structures (fascia). Presumably, irritants such as dust or cigarette smoke, passively or actively inhaled, can also cause inflammation of the vocal cords. An additional emotional stress situation can also be the cause.

Important for vocal cord problems: do not whisper!

The often well-intentioned advice to spare your voice by whispering is completely wrong. This takes the voice even more and is counterproductive. In general, the following formula applies to hoarseness or sore throat: more fluid, fresh air and a ban on speaking. Because the voice is spared only by not talking and of course by switching off the irritants such as dust or smoke.


Treatment by a doctor or naturopath is strongly recommended in the event of persistent symptoms, high fever and signs of breathlessness. Otherwise, self-treatment of hoarseness and additional symptoms of a cold, such as a sore throat, cough or runny nose, can be done with tried and tested home remedies.

Inhaling with a mild saline solution has proven itself.

But be careful: The traditional method of inhalation, in which the head is held over a bowl or pot to inhale the hot steam, does not work in this case. Similar to a salt extraction system, only the water vapor evaporates here, while the salt remains in the bowl and therefore has no effect.

How to inhale properly with salt:

So that the salt can develop its healing effect, the use of an inhalation device is recommended, which atomizes the salt solution into very fine aerosol. The salt is also atomized and can have a better effect as a result. For the application, a special mask is put on, through which the mist is inhaled. Since the mist droplets are tiny, the steam can penetrate deep into the airways and help alleviate the symptoms.

Gargling with sage tea can be soothing and soothing. To do this, prepare an infusion from a teaspoon of finely chopped sage leaves and a quarter liter of boiling water. After 10 to 15 minutes, the tea can be strained and used as a garlic solution as soon as it has cooled down a bit.

If recurring viral or bacterial infections are the cause of the inflammation of the vocal cords, treatment can be done in naturopathy. After dark field diagnosis, iris diagnosis or other diagnostic methods from naturopathy, the cause of the susceptibility to infection should be treated with various methods.

The immune system is often strengthened by regulating the intestinal flora. In order to be able to rebuild the intestinal flora, it is first necessary to “clean” the digestive organ, in which harmful substances and residues are removed. Proven home remedies for natural colon cleansing include psyllium husks, healing earth and bitter plants such as dandelions and nettles.

In general, in the case of vocal cord infections caused by infections, it is advisable to ensure a balanced diet with sufficient minerals and vitamins. Instead of fast food, finished products and unhealthy snacks, several servings of vegetables and fruit should be on the menu every day. Whole grain products, rice, potatoes and legumes are recommended, because they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

If the vocal cords become inflamed, it is very important to drink enough. Water and herbal tea are particularly well suited to avoid further irritation if the drinks and the food are not too cold or too hot, but rather at lukewarm or room temperature. Alcohol should be avoided.

If mental stress and negative stress are the reason for the immune deficiency, relaxation procedures can strengthen the immune system. In order to release the tension and (get back into balance), there are various techniques and methods for reducing stress, such as Yoga, meditation or autogenic training.

Neck wrap against inflamed vocal cords

Another home remedy for hoarseness is curd wrap for inflammation and swelling in the throat area. For this you only need ordinary lean quark, a slightly larger cloth (e.g. tea towel, gauze diaper or similar) and a scarf.

Danger: The curd should not come directly from the refrigerator, but should warm up to about 18 degrees. If there is no time for this, the edition can also be e.g. packed in a bag and placed briefly on the heater.

Instructions for curd wrap:
  1. Spread the quark about half a centimeter thick on the cloth
  2. Fold the sides of the cloth over the curd cheese mass
  3. Wrap the pad around her neck
  4. To stabilize, wrap another dry cloth or wool scarf around it

Onion wrap is also one of the traditional home remedies for throat problems. For this, three to four onions are briefly heated in the oven, then peeled and chopped. Spread the onion cubes on a tea towel, wrap it and put the wrap on the neck. A second cloth or scarf is wrapped over it. The edition remains on the neck until the onions have become cold.

Alternatively, a potato overlay can provide the vocal cords with soothing warmth.

Potato wrap against inflamed vocal cords
  1. Boil three to four medium-sized potatoes
  2. Crush them with a fork and put the mass on a tea towel
  3. Wrap the cloth and apply the wrap on the neck
  4. A second cloth or scarf supports the heat effect and provides support

Speech therapy

Chronic vocal cord inflammation indicates a functional disorder in the area of ​​speaking and breathing. Treatment by respiratory, speech and voice therapists in a speech therapy practice is ideal here. During exercise therapy, those affected are introduced to at least ten sessions in addition to improved body awareness as well as physiological breathing and speaking.

Osteopathy and fascia distortion model

The manual forms of treatment of osteopathy or structural integration (SI or Rolfing) mentioned at the beginning include the care, the tension and the statics in the examination and derive the necessary treatment.

The procedure is different in the fascia distortion model (FDM) or Typaldos Manual Therapy (short: TMT; after the founder Dr. Stephen Typaldos). The treatment here is not abstract, but results directly from the diagnosis. The diagnosis is made in the fascia distortion model (FDM) based on the body language and the statements of the patient. In the case of vocal cord inflammation, most indicate a pull on the side of the neck. This is dealt with by moving the thumb of the web (trigger band). (tf, nr)

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ICD codes for this disease: J04 - J06, J37, J38ICD codes are internationally valid encodings for medical diagnoses. You can find e.g. in doctor's letters or on disability certificates.

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