Anti-cannabis drugs against cancer: New therapy for pancreatic cancer

Compounds in cannabis fight cancer cells

Cannabis appears to be a new effective cure for pancreatic cancer. In initial trials, treatment with special compounds derived from cannabis resulted in tumors completely disappearing.

Research from the internationally renowned University of Harvard found that cannabis appears to be very effective in treating pancreatic cancer. The results of the study were published in the English language journal "Frontiers in Oncology".

Pancreatic cancer usually ends in death

In the study, treatment of mice with pancreatic cancer based on the compounds derived from cannabis caused the tumors to completely disappear. In 70 percent of pancreatic cancer mice, the treatment actually killed all the tumors, the researchers report. Unfortunately, the chances of surviving pancreatic cancer have so far been very low. Pancreatic cancer usually causes 93 percent of those affected to die within just five years.

Flavonides to Treat Cancer?

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult forms of cancer to treat. However, researchers have found that so-called flavonides, compounds that are present in most plants, enable effective treatment of the disease. Flavonides are neither a cannaboid nor a psychoactive component. They differ from the more commonly consumed forms of cannabis such as CBD oil or marijuana-enriched foods. There are more than 6,000 different variations of flavonoids. The Harvard University research group recognized the great potential of one of these compounds, which was identified in cannabis and used to make a compound called FBL-03G. In this way, unpleasant side effects of standard cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation can be reduced.

Cannabis plants produce different amounts of active ingredients

The results were surprising and additional measurements were carried out to check their reliability, the researchers report. It was confirmed that cannabis can stop the spread of cancer cells and even shrink a cancer patient's tumors to half their size. Studies on cannabis and cancer had shown that cannabis had an impact on cancer treatment in some cases and some did not. Many of the discrepancies in these studies are due to the large variation in the composition of certain cannabis strains or cannabis plants, the researchers explain. For example, every cannabis plant produces completely different amounts of active ingredients.

The results were sometimes surprising

Cannabis had previously been expected to inhibit tumor growth to some extent, but researchers were rather surprised to find that the treatment also inhibited the spread of the tumor to other parts of the body. It is unclear whether the cancer will recur, but for the time being, most mice were cancer-free, the research group reports. (as)

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