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Self-treatment for hyperhidrosis and sweaty feet

Self-treatment for hyperhidrosis and sweaty feet

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What can you do about sweaty feet?

Therapy at Sweaty feet takes place according to their cause. Vegetative, mental and organic diseases belong in the alternative practitioner or doctor's office in order to be treated appropriately. The following measures offer support.

General measures for sweaty feet

Socks, stockings and shoes made of synthetic materials are to be exchanged for cotton stockings and leather shoes without rubber soles. Worn socks should be washed after they have been worn once, the shoes will be well ventilated the following day. The feet should be washed extensively every day without soap. Open shoes and barefoot walking should be preferred in summer.

Diet & lifestyle

Irritants such as coffee, tobacco, alcohol and hot spices, but also the consumption of meat and table salt should be drastically reduced. The food should consist mainly of fresh fruit and vegetable preparations, ensure that there is sufficient hydration in the form of water and diluted fruit juices. Sufficient night sleep and regular exercise in the fresh air can support the self-healing powers.

What can help

An oak bark foot bath is a tried and tested home remedy for sweaty feet. For this purpose, 500g oak bark is boiled in 5 liters of water for 15-20 minutes, poured off and after cooling, the feet are bathed in it for 15-20 minutes. Use twice a day and always finish with a cold pour.

In the event of circulatory disorders, feet can be rubbed with rubbing alcohol in the evening.

Teas or tinctures made of sage are used internally, which naturally reduce the flow of sweat.

In the case of nervous complaints, gently soothing tea preparations made from valerian, hops and lemon balm can improve the situation.

Bach flowers can help

Bach flowers help by balancing mental states that underlie physical disorders. Since “blind spots” cannot be avoided in the self-assessment, it is helpful to have the appropriate Bach flowers determined by professional practitioners with an objective view and a good knowledge of the flower descriptions. The following considerations can be made in advance:

Is there something that is throwing me off balance? What makes me sweat? Does something poison an area of ​​my life? Can I switch between activity and rest well?

Homeopathy for sweaty feet

Since, according to homeopathic law, the remedy is found not for an illness but for a certain constitution, expert therapeutic advice is necessary for a profound healing. First, the following remedies can be tried in the low potencies D6, D12: Silicea (for very foul-smelling acid sweat on feet, hands, armpits; ice-cold feet, often for shivering, lean people); Calcium Carbonicum (cold, wet, foul-smelling feet, sweaty at night, sweats when eating, worsening in cold, moist air); Acidum Butyricum (extremely smelly foot sweat, crumbling toenails, aggravation at night and during exertion); Sulfur (burning feet, hot at night, cold in the morning, diarrhea in the morning, unhealthy skin, sweaty armpits and hot, sweaty hands, aggravation from bed warmth); Sepia (sweating with hot flashes, irritability; exhausted mothers, hectic spots on the face) as well as Mercurius and Lycopodium. (jvs)

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Jeanette Viñals Stein, Barbara Schindewolf-Lensch


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