Belly fat: reduce unhealthy fat belly

Belly fat: reduce unhealthy fat belly

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Excess belly fat can be dangerous despite a normal BMI

Excess belly fat can pose a serious health risk to women during postmenopause. Dr. Ekta Kapoor from the Center for Women's Health at the Mayo Clinic (USA) explains why women of normal weight should also pay attention to their waist size.

It is common for women to gain weight with age, especially in the abdomen. The unpopular belly fat can also be associated with serious health risks. These risks can include hypertension, diabetes, and ultimately heart disease, according to the medical professional. “We know that it also increases the risk of certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer or colon cancer. So it's very dangerous, ”explains Dr. Kapoor in a post.

BMI alone is not enough

Dr. Kapoor points out that women who have a normal body mass index (BMI) can also be at risk, which is why the BMI alone is not sufficient to assess health risks. "A good measure of belly fat could be to measure your waist size or waist-to-hip ratio," says Dr. Kapoor.

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Reduce belly fat

How can you remove excess building fat and prevent it from coming back? According to the doctor, the key here is to eat fewer calories and build muscle that people lose with age. “If you have less muscle, you burn fewer calories. And what happens when you burn fewer calories? They are increasing, ”explains Dr. Kapoor.

Heart-healthy nutrition

In addition to strength exercises to build and maintain muscles, heart-healthy nutrition is important. In this context, numerous health experts advise a Mediterranean diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, olive oil, fish, fiber and little meat. This has been shown to reduce the cardiovascular risk, according to the portal "". (ad)

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