Lose weight: the 7 most effective ways to lose belly fat

Lose weight: the 7 most effective ways to lose belly fat

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Reduce belly fat: scientists show how it works!

Belly fat should not be broken down just for aesthetic reasons. Current scientific studies show that too much belly fat harms health. For example, a larger waist size is associated with a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. A health professional presents the best methods to tackle the unpopular belly fat.

Weight loss on the belly is often a special challenge. Even with a diet, it is often impossible to specifically reduce the belly fat. Kerry Stewart is the director of a physiological research facility at Johns Hopkins University. The expert presents the best ways to reduce harmful visceral fat.

Why is belly fat particularly harmful?

Fat in the abdominal cavity is also called visceral fat. Contrary to the subcutaneous fat, which accumulates in the outer layers of the body and serves more as a nutrient storage and heating mechanism, visceral fat mainly accumulates in the abdominal cavity and wraps around the internal organs. This adipose tissue is actively involved in the metabolism and forms more than 200 messenger substances. Several recent studies have already confirmed that the numerous messenger substances from abdominal fat affect blood pressure, influence insulin and disrupt the hormonal balance.

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Tip 1: Low carb instead of low fat

A research team at Johns Hopkins University compared the effects of weight loss on a low-carb diet with those on a low-fat diet. The subjects lost an average of five kilos more weight with the low-carb diet than with the low-fat diet. In both diets, the participants also lost one to one and a half kilos of muscle - an undesirable effect. In percentage terms, more muscle mass is lost per kilo lost with the low-fat diet than with the low-carb diet.

Tip 2: physical activity

According to the steward, physical activity lowers the level of circulating insulin. Insulin signals the body to store fat. In addition, the liver consumes more fatty acids from the nearby visceral fat tissue during physical activity.

Tip 3: Don't just focus on endurance sports

According to Kerry Stewart, adding moderate strength training to the sports units leads to muscle mass building up faster. This increases the basic daily requirement and thus ensures that more calories are burned both when at rest and during training.

4. Tip: Compare products

Director Steward advises taking a look at the ingredients when shopping and comparing different products. There are often huge amounts of fats, sugars and calories hidden in inconspicuous products such as yoghurts, drinks, sauces and dressings.

5. Tip: Avoid highly processed products

The ingredients in finished products are difficult to understand. Stewart warns that such products often contain substances that make losing weight difficult. These include, for example, trans fats, sugar, salt and sodium.

6. Tip: Pay attention to the waist circumference

Instead of just using the BMI for weight assessment, the waist circumference should be used. A reduction in waist size is often a better sign than weight loss. As a rule of thumb, women should aim for a waist size less than 90 centimeters and men less than 102 centimeters. This also lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Tip 7: Find a diet and sports partner

It is often difficult to do it alone. Those who change their eating habits with friends and family and go to workout usually achieve better results. (vb)

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