What are the consequences of stress in pregnancy?

What are the consequences of stress in pregnancy?

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How does stress affect the child during pregnancy?

Stress during pregnancy can have far-reaching consequences for the development of the offspring. In a study at the Greifswald University Medical Center, these effects are to be examined in more detail and, at the same time, the researchers would like to check whether negative effects on the offspring can be avoided by interventions to reduce stress among expectant mothers.

Currently, pregnant women are still being sought for the study at the Greifswald University Medical Center to investigate the long-term effects of stress on young people. It should also be checked to what extent relaxation methods to reduce stress can mitigate the negative effects.

Stress during pregnancy is a common problem

"Fears or emotional imbalances during pregnancy are a common phenomenon," reports Professor Dr. Hans J. Grabe, director of the psychiatric clinic at the Greifswald University Medical Center. This raises the question of whether healthier babies are born if the expectant mothers are helped? It is also important to analyze the possible effects of mothers' stress on the child more precisely - before and after birth.

Examination of pregnant women and offspring

For this purpose, the planned study should regularly examine pregnant women (from the 25th week of pregnancy) and their offspring (up to the child's first birthday). Practical support will also be offered to the participants in order to reduce the psychological stress or stress and to strengthen the bond with their child. "We want to help women and their children," said Professor Grabe.

Still looking for participants

Currently, participants are still being sought for the study who feel psychologically stressed or stressed during pregnancy. But healthy and satisfied pregnant women as a comparison group can also register for participation. Interested parties are requested to contact the researchers by phone (01522/240 63 23) or by email ([email protected]

Help for stressed pregnant women

"Five detailed examination appointments are agreed with the participants and support is offered to them, including advice or psychotherapeutic methods," the researchers explain in the communication from the Greifswald University Medical Center.

Investigation period until 2021

The support offers can be taken advantage of both in Greifswald and at home. "This allows mothers and children to live healthier lives," Professor Grabe is convinced. Any travel expenses incurred will be reimbursed to women, because "we know that money plays a major role for many," added psychotherapist Kerstin Liutkus, midwife and staff member of the project. The investigation period runs until the beginning of 2021 and the researchers hope for meaningful results regarding the effects of stress during pregnancy and possible interventions. (fp)

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