Hair loss: pea germ extracts slow down hair loss

Hair loss: pea germ extracts slow down hair loss

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Pea sprout extract for hair loss treatment

Millions of people worldwide suffer from hair loss and for many this is also associated with significant mental health problems. You want simple and effective treatment, but the currently available treatment options are often unsatisfactory due to side effects and / or limited effectiveness. A recent study has now tested pea germ extract as a hair loss remedy.

External use and also taking an extract from pea sprouts can significantly reduce hair loss, according to a new study published in the specialist magazine "Phytotherapy Research". Researchers at Mibelle Group Biochemistry conclude that pea germ extract is an effective tool "to safely promote hair growth and reduce hair loss in people who have excessive hair loss."

Hair loss to some extent normal

Healthy hair fulfills many physiological functions and is an important part of identity, according to the research team. We lose around 100 hairs a day, but they usually grow back to the same extent. Due to cyclical loss and new hair growth, the number of hairs remains relatively constant. However, if the proportion of hair that is in the so-called telogen phase (resting phase of growth) increases and the proportion of hair in the anagen phase (growth phase), diffuse hair loss can be observed, the researchers explain.

Many factors can cause hair loss

Slowly progressing diffuse hair loss affects about every second person at the age of 50. A variety of factors can play a role here, reports the research team. For example, hormonal changes, malnutrition, stress, taking medication and an inherited predisposition are known as risk factors. There are a number of therapies (e.g. finasteride), but given the side effects, there is a great need for "safe, natural ingredients to relieve hair loss."

External use of the pea germ extract

In previous studies, it was already proven that the extract from pea sprouts was shown to improve hair density when used topically (external), the researchers report. The current study examined the underlying processes using a liquid containing two percent pea germ extract (AnaGain ™).

Altered gene expression through the extract

The liquid was applied to a defined scalp zone by ten volunteers (four women and six men) and the expression of certain genes relevant to the hair (fibroblast growth factor-7 and noggin) was recorded. The researchers were able to demonstrate that gene expression is significantly increased by the extract (56 and 85 percent).

Taking the pea extract is also effective

In a subsequent pilot study of 21 volunteers, the researchers also examined whether the pea sprout extract is effective even when consumed as a dietary supplement. "After two months of treatment with the pea extract, 95 percent of the participants experienced a reduction in hair loss" and "within the first month the average number of hair lost dropped by 33.9 percent," the researchers report.

Hair loss is significantly reduced after just 28 days

Even if the results of the current study still have to be checked in further studies with significantly larger numbers of participants, the extract of the pea sprouts seems to be a promising treatment for hair loss. The research team emphasized that "Daily intake of 100 mg pea germ extract (AnaGain ™ Nu) significantly reduces hair loss after just 28 days of treatment." In addition, no undesirable side effects were known to date. (fp)

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  • Torsten Grothe, Franziska Wandrey, Cornelia Schuerch: Short communication: Clinical evaluation of pea sprout extract in the treatment of hair loss; in: Phytotherapy Research (published 03.11.2019),

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