Wiener sausage recall: Health risk for allergy sufferers

Wiener sausage recall: Health risk for allergy sufferers

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Sausage producer starts recall for Viennese poultry

Höhenrainer Delikatessen GmbH from Großhöhenrain (Bavaria) has started a recall for poultry vultures. According to the company, the packaging can contain not only poultry wieners, but also cheese poultry wieners. These pose a health risk for certain allergy sufferers.

Höhenrainer Delikatessen GmbH from the Bavarian town of Großhöhenrain calls the products "Poultry viennese 960g (16 pieces of 60g)" with the best-before date 12/11/2019 and "Poultry wieners 2nd choice 960g (16 pieces of 60g)" with the best-before dates:
7.11.19, 8.11.19, 11.11.19, 12.11.19 and 13.11.19 due to a lack of allergen labeling.

Allergenic milk protein is not listed on the package

“Due to a sorting error, cheese poultry may be included,” the company wrote in a customer information that the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety published on its portal “”. However, the allergen milk protein is not printed on these packages.

According to the information, the sausages were sold via HöVer Fleischwarenvertiebs GmbH in Großhöhenrain, the V-Markt in Munich Balanstrasse and the Hamberger Großmarkt in Munich and Berlin.

The Wiener sausages can be returned at the points of sale. The purchase price will be reimbursed, even without presentation of the receipt.

Allergy sufferers are advised against eating

"The milk protein contained in cheese should not be consumed by people with an intolerance or allergy due to the health risk," warns the company.

As explained by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) on its website, the body reacts excessively to actually harmless milk proteins in milk protein allergy. Digestion is problematic and sometimes the skin, breathing or circulation are also affected. According to the experts, you can be allergic to different proteins in milk.

The extent of the allergic reaction can vary widely among those affected. In extreme cases, food allergy can lead to life-threatening anaphylactic shock. (ad)

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