Fish recall due to chlorate contamination

Fish recall due to chlorate contamination

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Evidence of increased chlorate content: manufacturer recalls pangasius fillet

The Dutch company Seafood Connection has launched a recall for the product "Pangasius fillet with added water, frozen". According to the company, an increased chlorate content was detected in the fish.

The company Seafood Connection from the Netherlands is calling back the frozen product "Pangasius fillet with added water, deep-frozen" with the trade name "Sealight" in an 800 gram bag (net weight) "without skin, practically boneless, glazed, deep-frozen". Reason for the measure: An increased content of chlorate.

Health impairments cannot be excluded

According to a message that the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety published on its portal "", only goods with the best before date printed on the back of the packaging and the batch number VN530VI423 SC-HL-18106 are affected.

“An increased chlorate content was detected in a control. A health impairment can not be ruled out with certainty, ”says the message.

According to the information, the article was mainly offered regionally at Rewe, Nah & Gut and the company Engert GmbH in Amberg. The companies concerned have taken the goods out of sale.

Iodine intake can be blocked

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), chlorate can occur in food due to the use of chlorinated water in food processing or disinfection of food processing plants.

"High chlorate intake in a single day could be toxic to humans and may limit the blood's ability to absorb oxygen and lead to kidney failure," EFSA said in an earlier announcement.

The substance can also temporarily block iodine uptake in the thyroid. According to experts, this is particularly problematic for children, pregnant women and people with an underactive thyroid. (ad)

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