Recall campaign: Aldi product can contain mold

Food recall from Aldi: mold risk in gourmet product

The Belgian company Lorre NV has started a recall for the product "Gourmet Medjoul Datteln, 300 g". The item sold at Aldi Nord may occasionally have moldy dates. Consumption is therefore not recommended.

The discounter chain Aldi Nord informs about a call back for "Gourmet Medjoul dates, 300 g" in a customer notice, which was also published on the portal "" of the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety. There is a risk of mold.

Moldy dates can appear in the product

The Aldi Nord supplier "Lorre NV" calls back the article "Gourmet Medjoul dates, 300 g" with all best before dates. According to the company, the product may occasionally have moldy dates.

"The above As a precaution, articles should therefore no longer be consumed, ”writes the company.

According to the information, the product concerned was completely removed from the sale. Anyone who has already bought the product can bring it back to the store. The purchase price will be refunded.

Throw away moldy food better

As the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE) explains on its website, many molds form toxins, the so-called mycotoxins. Among other things, these can lead to liver and kidney damage or suppress the body's defenses.

With some mycotoxins, carcinogenic or hormone-like properties are also discussed. Because almost all mycotoxins are heat and acid stable, the poisons cannot be removed by boiling, roasting or pickling in acid.

Part of the mold can be clearly seen on food as a white or colored change, but the thread mesh of the mold can also spread into the interior of the food and is not visible to the naked eye.

According to the BZfE, the following always applies: It's better to throw away more than too little, because mold forms toxins that should not be absorbed. (ad)

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