Visual disturbances due to hormone products for eyelashes

Visual disturbances due to hormone products for eyelashes

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Better not use hormone gels for eyelashes

The eyelashes enjoy special attention. Women in particular want long and thick eyelashes and are happy to help if they are not available. Eyelash serums containing hormones are becoming increasingly popular. They are supposed to give the eyelashes a growth spurt. However, ophthalmologist Susanne Schumacher considers the sera to be of concern.

Long and thick eyelashes: Those who have them consider themselves lucky. And if you don't have one, you can help out with hormones. But how dangerous are the eyelash serums?

Crank eyelash growth with hormone gel

Full eyelashes are considered sensual and beautiful. It is no wonder that there are more and more eyelash serums available to boost eyelash growth. However, the viscous gels are not always completely safe, warns the ophthalmologist Susanne Schumacher in the magazine "Good Health" (issue 2/2020).

Prostaglandin can cause visual disturbances

Because many serums contain the hormone prostaglandin, which, in addition to reddening of the eyelids and eyes, can even discolour the iris and trigger visual disturbances, explains the expert. Such products can be identified by looking at the package insert: If you read “prost” there, the serum contains prostaglandin.

Better use hormone-free products

Pregnant, breastfeeding and chemotherapy patients should completely refrain from using such products. The same applies to contact lens wearers. Alternatively, the ophthalmologist recommends hormone-free eyelash serums. Although these do not stimulate growth, they often prolong the time of the eyelash loss. This makes eyelashes look longer and thicker. (vb; source: dpa / tmn)

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