Diet: Lose weight with these psychological tricks

Diet: Lose weight with these psychological tricks

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Study: Fixed strategies help with weight loss

Successful weight loss has numerous health benefits. Especially if the weight can be kept after losing weight. A new study has now shown that defined strategies are the key to success.

Choosing healthy foods for your meal plan, monitoring your diet yourself and giving yourself positive feedback: According to a new study by the California Polytechnic State University (USA), this combination is the key to success if you want to reduce your weight. The study results were recently published in the "Obesity" magazine.

Define strategies

According to a report from the university, the study polled nearly 5,000 members of WW (formerly Weight Watchers) who said they had lost an average of about 50 pounds and kept the reduced weight for more than three years.

The researchers compared this group to a control group of over 500 people with obesity who said they had not gained or lost more than five pounds over a period of more than five years.

The research team analyzed 54 behaviors related to weight management.

Compared to the group of weight-stable people, the group of those who lost weight reported more frequently about strategies such as setting daily food intake goals, recording daily consumption, measuring food, reflecting on past successes, and positive belief in weight loss.

The researchers also found that these eating and thinking habits in the group of people who maintain their weight loss became easier and firmer over time.

Over time, less effort was required

"People who have maintained their successful weight loss the longest have reported a higher frequency and repetition of healthy eating habits," said study leader Suzanne Phelan, professor of kinesiology and public health.

“The longer people made these decisions, the more automatically healthier decisions became. These results are encouraging for those working on weight loss, ”said the scientist.

"Over time, losing weight may become easier and take less effort."

Health benefits

Obesity increases the likelihood of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers, among other things.

"Successful weight loss has a variety of health benefits," said Phelan. "The improved quality of life that is observed among the successful weight loss patients in this study can be an important motivator for people working on long-term weight control."

The results of this study can help focus on the strategies that best help participants maintain a healthy weight. (ad)

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