Coldness deceives the feeling of thirst

Coldness deceives the feeling of thirst

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Do not rely on feelings of thirst in winter

Those who drink only after feeling thirsty in winter often get too little fluid. This is especially important for people who practice winter sports.

You should drink when you exercise - everyone knows that. When skiing, however, it is still often forgotten. The cold is to blame.

Don't quench your thirst in winter sports

Winter sports are sweaty. Skiers should therefore pay special attention to their fluid balance and consciously drink regularly. Because coldness reduces the feeling of thirst - so if you drink by feeling alone, you often don't get enough. This is indicated by trauma surgeon Uwe-Jens TeƟmann from the Helios Clinic Berlin-Buch.

The best winter drinks

The best drinks for winter sports enthusiasts are water, tea or juice spritzer. It is better to avoid alcohol when skiing at least during the day. And at lunchtime, a hot soup is usually the best meal: it not only supplies the body with heat and fluid, it is also not so heavy on the stomach the next time you go down. (vb; source: dpa / tmn)

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