Building muscle can heal flat feet

Building muscle can heal flat feet

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Prevent surgery with muscle training

The so-called buckling flat foot flats the arch of the foot, which in turn is combined with a buckling foot. The longitudinal arch of the foot sinks through the buckling foot and the foot increasingly bends inwards. This misalignment can on the one hand cause permanent pain and on the other hand increase the risk of permanent foot damage. If you want to avoid surgery, you should use barefoot walking, muscle training and orthopedic insoles.

Constantly aching feet have a huge impact on life. There is often a misalignment behind it. Without suitable countermeasures, there is even a risk of surgery.

Avoid surgery on buckling flat feet

With a kink-flat-flat foot, the longitudinal arch of the foot is lowered due to weak tendons and ligaments. To alleviate or prevent pain, the "Apotheken Umschau" (edition B02 / 2020) recommends walking barefoot, muscle training and, above all, orthopedic insoles. They support the arch of the foot and straighten it up again.

What needs to be considered when buying shoes

It is important that shoes and insoles fit together. While sneakers and trekking shoes offer enough space inside, other shoes would have to be bought one size larger. It is advisable to buy the shoes in the afternoon, the magazine advises. Because then feet are generally a bit thicker.

Health insurance partially covers the deposits

Statutory health insurance funds usually take over two pairs of deposits a year, but the patient has a small additional payment. Wearing the aids can take some getting used to, but is not of a lifetime. After consultation with the doctor, the insoles can be left out when the symptoms have subsided.

In severe cases, surgery is required

The kink-lowering flat foot causes pain and swelling on the inside of the ankle. The crooked heel also strains the ankle, ligaments and tendons. In serious cases, surgery is imminent. (vb; source: dpa / tmn)

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