Coronavirus: Sudden rise - Italy is declared a restricted area

Coronavirus: Sudden rise - Italy is declared a restricted area

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Covid-19: Italy is now the second most affected country

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there has been a surge in infections with the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus in Italy. According to this, over 9,100 infections and 463 deaths from Covid-19 have now been reported. Italy is currently the second most affected country after China. The Italian Prime Minister has declared the entire country a restricted zone as a measure to contain the situation.

The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Contes Miene declared all of Italy a restricted area at a press conference on Monday evening (09.03.2020). He advises all residents of Italy to only leave the house when it is absolutely necessary. All schools, universities and kindergartens in the country will be closed until April 3rd. Major events will no longer take place for the time being. There is also a curfew across the country.

Movement restrictions now apply across the country

The restrictions on movement that previously only applied in parts of northern Italy are now being extended to the whole of Italy. From now on, anyone staying in Italy may only move freely for professional, health or other urgent reasons. However, the prime minister announced that local public transport and the airports will continue to operate so that the economy does not collapse.

Police may check travelers' motives

“If you want to justify your trip, it is possible to fill out a self-declaration with the reason why you are traveling. However, I remind you that the information must be true. Anyone who makes false statements in the self-disclosure is guilty of another offense, ”says Giuseppe Contes Miene. The police randomly check whether a trip is justified.

Measures apply until April 3

The measure paralyzes large parts of public life. Schools, universities and kindergartens will remain until 3 for the time being. All major events such as public gatherings, concerts or sporting events such as football games may not take place. There is a curfew in bars and restaurants. After 6 p.m., no shop where people meet for fun may be open.

Prime Minister apologizes for the measures

Giuseppe Contes Miene apologizes to the citizens for the far-reaching measures: “Believe me, it's not easy for me. I know what responsibility that is and how serious it is to take these measures across Italy. But I have to intervene even more decisively to protect all of us and especially the people who are very fragile and vulnerable. ”(Vb)

The current situation in Germany and the world can be found in the article: Covid-19: Two deaths and over 1100 infections in Germany - this is the current situation.

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