Ticks: prevent TBE and Lyme disease properly

Ticks: prevent TBE and Lyme disease properly

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This is the best way to protect yourself from ticks

Every year again: The tick season has begun and those of us who like to be out in the nature have to deal with the little bloodsuckers. Ticks can transmit diseases such as TBE (early summer meningoencephalitis, a form of meningitis) or Lyme disease.

The best protection is not to let yourself be bitten. The three most important tips are revealed by Dr. Bobbi Pritt in an interview with the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Pritt is an expert in the field of parasitic diseases.

Your recommendations are not new, but it is good to recall them every season. In addition: despite the protective measures, check your body for ticks after every stay outdoors, including the scalp.

1. Protect your skin

Insect repellants for application to the skin (so-called "repellents") are, according to Dr. A good way to keep ticks apart. These are available as a cream or spray and must be applied regularly to free skin areas. The face should be left out because it can irritate the mucous membranes. "Avoid your face, but be sure to protect your neck," advises the expert.

There are also repellents for clothing that can provide additional tick protection. When buying repellents for skin and / or clothing, pay attention to the most natural and skin-friendly ingredients and get advice from the specialist staff on the correct use and possible risks.

2. Put your pants in your socks

Long trousers are a better choice to protect against ticks even in summer. Even if you don't win a beauty contest: Put your trouser legs in your socks, Dr. recommends Bobbi Pritt. So you don't give ticks a chance.

3. Avoid tall grass

"Ticks live in humid environments, especially in forest and grass areas - in other words, in some of the places where you might enjoy the summer," explains expert Dr. Pritt. Ticks position themselves so that they can quickly climb to the next source of food when the opportunity arises. Because ticks are often found in tall grass, this should be done according to Dr. Avoid Pritt if possible and prefer to stay in the middle on paths.

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If you have been bitten by a tick despite all caution: You can find detailed information on tick-borne diseases such as TBE and Lyme disease and how to remove ticks properly in our article "Tick Bite - Possible Consequences and Correct Reactions". It also tells you which natural essential oils can protect against ticks.

Our gallery "10 tips for protection against ticks - insect repellents" provides a quick overview of the topic. (kh)

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