Corona: Every second person would get vaccinated

Corona: Every second person would get vaccinated

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Survey shows: One in two would be vaccinated against Corona

According to experts, the corona pandemic can only be ended with a vaccine. One is not yet available, but once it is developed, half of the Germans would be vaccinated, according to a current survey.

Again and again there is speculation about a possible compulsory vaccination against the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. According to a survey, however, about half of the citizens in Germany would be vaccinated voluntarily.

There will be no approved vaccine this year

According to a survey, every second person in Germany would be vaccinated against the corona virus if there was a vaccine. One in four might do this, according to the representative online survey by the YouGov polling institute. One in five of the 2,056 respondents refused to be vaccinated. Men would be vaccinated sooner than women.

No vaccine against the coronavirus is currently available. According to most experts, the first approved vaccines should not be ready for mass use until next year at the earliest.

Large clinical trials could involve vaccinations of certain population groups beforehand. However, it is also possible that it will take years before a vaccine is available that offers good protection.

Vaccination: yes or no?

Germans are divided on the question of mandatory vaccination against the coronavirus: while 44 percent of those questioned advocated it, 40 percent opposed it.

In the corona crisis, speculation about a possible vaccination is circulating. The Federal Government has repeatedly emphasized that it will not make future corona vaccination compulsory.

The Infection Protection Act sets strict legal limits for mandatory vaccination: such a duty cannot be imposed by the federal government without further ado, but can only be decided “with the consent of the Federal Council”, ie by the federal and state governments - “for threatened sections of the population” as it is in paragraph 20, paragraph 6.

However, mandatory vaccinations can only be justified in special cases, because they could violate Article 2 of the Basic Law: "Everyone has the right to life and physical integrity," it says.

Vaccination has been compulsory in Germany since March to protect against the highly contagious measles, among other things for children and staff in day care centers and schools. (ad; source: dpa)

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