Hair loss: grown skin allows new hair to grow

Hair loss: grown skin allows new hair to grow

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Human skin grown with hair growth in the laboratory

For the first time, a research team has managed to grow a piece of human skin in the laboratory that has the ability to grow hair. The new method could open up hair loss treatment. In addition, it is now possible to produce human hair without removing it from humans.

Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University are presenting a new method that enables artificial human skin, including hair growth, to be grown in the laboratory. The results were recently presented in the renowned "Nature" journal.

Organoids: Cultivated human cell groups

Organoids are small groups of cells grown in the laboratory. This relatively young branch of research aims to produce real organs artificially. New knowledge is constantly being gained in this area. For example, another research team recently managed to grow an artificial network of human blood vessels in the laboratory.

The first piece of artificial hair-sprouting skin

In the current research work, a piece of human hair-sprouting skin was artificially produced for the first time. This method is particularly interesting for the treatment of hair loss. The skin organoid was grown from early stages of human stem cells. These cells are also found in embryonic development. The stem cells have the ability to later develop into different specific cell types.

A virtually unlimited source of human hair

"It is now possible to make human hair for science without having to take it out of a human," explains Benjamin Woodruff, a doctoral student from the research team, in a press release from the university. For the first time, an almost unlimited source of human hair follicles is opening up for research, the scientist emphasizes.

A breakthrough in organoid research

The new access to hair-growing skin can help researchers better understand hair growth and development. The organoid could also provide clues to the causes of hair loss and open up new therapeutic approaches. (vb)

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