Caution, risk of injury: manufacturer calls back Coke

Warning: Recall started for known coke

Niehoffs Vaihinger Fruchtsaft GmbH from Lauterecken in Rhineland-Palatinate has started a recall for the products "afri Cola" with ten milligrams of caffeine and "afri Cola without sugar". According to the company, the beverage bottles could burst.

The beverage manufacturer Niehoffs Vaihinger Fruchtsaft GmbH from Lauterecken (Rhineland-Palatinate) calls afri Cola 10 mg caffeine and afri Cola without sugar, both in a one-liter glass bottle, because of the risk of a possible glass breakage.

Bottles show instability

The recall affects 1 liter glass bottles of cola with the best-before dates of 03/12/2021 and 03/13. 2021, March 16, 2021 and March 17, 2021 and June 8, 2021 and June 9, 202. The information is on the back of the neck label

"According to the bottle manufacturer, bottles with the above-mentioned best-before dates have an instability that could lead to cracking, at worst to bursting of the bottle," says a press release published by the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) on its portal "food warning .de ”has published.

According to the company, the drink itself is flawless.

Niehoffs Vaihinger Fruchtsaft GmbH asks customers to open the bottles, wrapped in a cloth to protect them from splinters, to empty them and to return them directly to the market. The purchase price will also be reimbursed without presentation of a receipt.

For questions from consumers, a hotline for the following weeks from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. is set up on 06841-105-1500.

In addition, questions are answered at the email address [email protected] (ad)

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