Heat in the home office: These tips ensure pleasant cooling

Liquid and dark: Some tips against the heat in the home office

For many people, working in the home office has now become normal. Whole staff are currently working in their own four walls. However, the high temperatures are difficult for many. Experts explain how to cool down comfortably at home.

It is hot outside - and many are now really sweating in the home office. With these tips, you will come relaxed and healthy through everyday summer life in your own four walls.

Cool with plenty of lukewarm drinks

On hot days we wish for a cool home - to feel good and because of the corona pandemic for many also to work. But how do you survive the summer heat in the home office?

On very warm days, you should pay attention to moisture-permeable clothing, light meals and adequate hydration, advises the Institute for Workplace Health Advice (IFBG).

It is advisable to use lukewarm drinks because they are the quickest way to cool the body. Liquids that are too cool must first be warmed up by the body, while hot drinks promote sweating. Specifically, the IFBG advises drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day. The water requirement can also be regulated using watermelons, cucumbers or tomatoes.

Switch off superfluous technology

In the home office in particular, it should be noted that electronic devices also emit heat. Unused digital devices should therefore be switched off.

In the early morning you should ventilate the room and then darken it - ideally with an external roller blind. This keeps the room cool longer and makes working more pleasant.

Align air conditioners correctly

Air conditioning systems can also help to cool the air in your own four walls. However, it is important to never direct the air flow towards yourself, but towards the ceiling. Otherwise there is a risk of drafts, which can have unpleasant consequences - a sore throat, for example. (ad; source: dpa / tmn)

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