Recall: hand cream can contain harmful germs

Dangerous bacteria discovered in hand cream

A hand cream contaminated with harmful bacteria is currently in circulation, warns the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety. The manufacturer has started a recall for the cosmetic item. The bacteria in the hand cream can enter small wounds and cause infections or irritation. The cream should therefore no longer be used.

Heinrich Hagner GmbH & Co is recalling the cosmetic product "Elcurina Intensive Hand Cream with Shea Butter & Allantoin". The affected articles can be identified by batch number 00760. The number is stamped on the fold of the tube.

Which bacteria is it?

As part of the manufacturer's own microbiological controls, an increased number of the "Pluralibacter gergoviae" bacterium was found. These bacteria belong to the genus Enterobacter, which can trigger a wide range of diseases. An infection can manifest itself, for example, through blood poisoning, various inflammations or through a urinary tract infection.

Where was the hand cream sold?

The item was offered in the federal states of Bavaria, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. As the manufacturer reports, the affected products have already been removed from the sale.

Where can the item be returned?

Anyone who has already bought the hand cream mentioned above should no longer use it, but should return it to the respective shopping location. The purchase price will be refunded there without presentation of the receipt. Heinrich Hagner GmbH & Co apologizes for the inconvenience caused to its customers. (vb)

Author and source information

This text corresponds to the requirements of the medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been checked by medical doctors.

Graduate editor (FH) Volker Blasek


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