COVID-19: How has nutrition changed?

COVID-19: How has nutrition changed?

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Changed diet due to corona

What effects does Corona have on the nutrition of people in Germany? Researchers tried to answer this question by evaluating various studies.

The current evaluation shows the complex effects of COVID-19 on the diet. Many are currently eating healthier, but some people also develop increased weight problems. The results of the evaluation were published by the SRH Hochschule für Gesundheit.

People eat more fresh foods

The lockdown due to corona resulted in more fresh food and fewer finished products being consumed, reports the research team. There was also a decline in meat consumption. However, according to the Society for Consumer Research, the demand for meat, sausage and poultry is now increasing again. The proportion of vegetarians (five percent) and vegans (one percent) in the population remained unchanged.

Why do people eat healthier now?

The above-mentioned effects are probably due to the fact that people are currently more concerned about their health, possibly also due to fear of illness from COVID-19. Factors for increased fresh cooking could also be the feeling of self-control or the additional free time available.

Increasing in the corona period?

Other surveys show that people eat more meals than usual in times of corona and, as a result, the rate of people with obesity increases. Many people simply seem to eat more out of boredom, which may be due to increased leisure time, the researchers report. 14 percent of those surveyed stated that they gained weight during the corona period. In contrast, ten percent of the people taking part reported that they had lost weight.

Sport and corona

Due to the long closure of gyms and sports clubs, people generally did much less sport. It was also striking that people who exercise were often willing to take more vitamin supplement products (especially vitamin C) in order to reduce their susceptibility to infections, reports the research team.

Increased demand for fruit and vegetables

It was also noted that the prices of certain foods rose by 4.8 percent in April 2020 compared to April in 2019. The increased demand was particularly noticeable for fruit and vegetables and at the same time there were delivery problems during this period to be recorded.

Pre-cooking of meals is increasing

Last but not least, the importance of so-called meal prepping (the preparation or pre-cooking of meals, sometimes for several days or even a whole week) has increased. This could be due to the closing of canteens and long waiting times and restrictions on admission to bakeries and supermarkets, the researchers explain.

Furthermore, many of the people interviewed also increasingly took advantage of delivery offers from regional gastronomy.

Swiss drank less alcohol in corona times

Corona also appears to have some effects on alcohol consumption. In Switzerland, the population consumed less alcohol. This is probably due to a lack of society. In Germany, on the other hand, it was observed that sales of beer sales have increased again since the lockdown was relaxed, the research group reports.

How to go to Corona?

In summary, COVID-19 has prompted many people to eat healthier, which in some cases consumes more fruit and vegetables. And fewer finished products are consumed, which is also beneficial for health.

However, there are also some people who eat more in times of Covid-19, which contributes to weight problems. And due to the temporary closure of gyms and clubs, many were unable to exercise. The research team concluded that it would be desirable for people to maintain a healthier diet after Corona, eat less in their normal everyday lives, and start exercising again. (as)

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