Alcohol: Even small amounts after exercise can have fatal effects

Alcohol and sport don't go together

Anyone who exhausts and sweats a lot during sport naturally has thirst afterwards. Especially in the warm summer months, many people grab a cool beer after training. But that's not a good idea. Because according to experts, even small amounts of alcohol after physical exercise can impair physical fitness and, in extreme cases, have fatal effects on health.

A cool beer after exercising: if you treat yourself to refreshment after your workout, you are not doing your muscles a favor. Because even small amounts of alcohol after physical exercise hinder the regeneration of muscle tissue, explains the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) in a current message.

In extreme cases, cardiac arrhythmias threaten

Especially in the summer heat, recreational athletes have to compensate for their nutrient losses after training. Many then grab a cool beer. Prof. Dr. med. Heidrun Thaiss, head of the BZgA, explains why this is not a good idea:

“Alcohol as a cell poison has numerous negative effects on physical fitness. Under the influence of alcohol, coordination and responsiveness decrease, which increases the risk of sports injuries, ”said the expert.

In addition, alcoholic beverages are bad for the muscles. “The consumption of alcohol after exercise means that metabolic processes that are necessary for building muscle can only take place to a limited extent. Even small amounts of alcohol after training hinder the regeneration of muscle tissue, ”explains Prof. Thaiss.

Health can also be endangered. “Alcohol removes water from the body, which is needed to supply the muscles with nutrients and minerals. In extreme cases, this can also lead to dangerous rhythm disorders in the heart muscle. ”(Ad)

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